Traditional Martial Arts For Modern Self-Defense

379A8177The Trowbridge Martial Arts Academy is a traditional martial arts school located right here in Madison Wisconsin that focuses on the self-defense applications of the martial arts. We offer classes in TANG Soo Do, Gracie Jiu-jitsu, and Weapons. Here at Trowbridge Martial Arts Academy we pride ourselves on being a giant martial arts family, enforcing the traditional principles of Honor and Loyalty. We are a school that encourages families and friends to come in and strengthen their bonds as well as making new ones with other students, all while learning morals that will last a lifetime. You will find some of the most talented and caring Martial Arts Instructors in the Country here at the Trowbridge Martial Arts Academy, and we are here with one goal. To make you the best that you can possibly be, inside and out.

Students that train at TROWBRIDGE MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY also get to enjoy the fact that they are training in World MATA Tang Soo Do Federations world headquarters, which provides some extremely rare opportunities.

Benefits of Training at Trowbridge Martial Arts Academy:

Health & Fitness
Pride in yourself
New friends
Confidence in yourself for everyday life

For more information please contact the Academy.

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